Recambios para mantener joven tu Golf IIRecambios para mantener joven tu Golf II

Lanzada en agosto de 1983 a los mercados internacionales, la segunda serie del Volkswagen Golf llegaba con más espacio interior, gracias a una carrocería cuya longitud aumentó a 3,99 metros. Desde entonces han pasado casi 35 años, un plazo de tiempo que ha servido para confirmar las cualidades y resistencia de este compacto de tracción … Continued

Mark’s life with a VW T4BlogHeader_marksLife

VW T4 Transporters are one of the most sought after must-have lifestyle vehicles right now. But what makes them so cool, and what’s it like owning one? To find out we sent Eva and Phil from Marketing on a ‘Brighton cruise’ with VW Heritage sales executive, Mark Goldsmith, and his 2001 T4 to discover what … Continued

Understanding Your T4Understand T4 - Header

Continuing where the T25 left off, in fact overlapping in production the T4 was an instant favourite. An inline front mounted engine powering the front wheels was the set up of choice for the first commercial to be officially called the Transporter by VW. Being manufactured from 1990 in Germany, Poland and Indonesia, the production spanned … Continued

VW ABS: all you need to know

Most cars from the mid-1990s onwards had an anti-lock braking system fitted as standard. But what is it, how does it work and what commonly goes wrong? We have all the answers about VW ABS systems…

Build your own garage!

With the kids back at school and the cold, wet autumn months just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about some proper undercover facilities for your prized VW, where it can sit out the worst of the winter weather…We explore how to build your own garage.

Volkswagen Mk3 Golf special editions

We’ve got the underrated and usually overlooked Mk3 Golf (1992-’98) down as a future classic. We even published a buying guide here. It’s a great car, with a lot more standard equipment than its predecessor the Mk2 – and it’s much more refined and comfortable. That said, you’ll rarely see the word ‘Mk3’ and ‘special’ … Continued

What’s the next VW classic?

If only we had a crystal ball. That way we might have predicted that £300 Split Window Buses would one day be making £30,000 and that even the most basic early Mk1 Golfs with the ‘Swallowtail’ rear end would become highly sought after. Well, it’s too late to bag a bargain where those two examples … Continued

Mk1 Golfs in the Forest

We’ve not gone to this extent before to show off a customer’s vehicle but spurred on by fresh ideas in our team, and the arrival of some Golf Mk1 teaser shots in our inbox we set about making something special.