No MoTs for 40-year-old classics

Following consultation, the Department for Transport (DfT) has proposed that from 20 May 2018, all 40-year-old classics will be exempt from an annual MoT test. But what will the rule changes likely to mean for classic VW owners?

Winter weather car care

There’s something to be said for the old Boy Scout motto of always being prepared, so here are some useful tips and products to help you with winter weather car care.

6v to 12v VW conversion

With winter on its way, you might want to consider upping the ante by replacing your older 6v electrics with a 12v VW conversion. If you need a boost – here’s what’s involved…

Mark’s life with a VW T4BlogHeader_marksLife

VW T4 Transporters are one of the most sought after must-have lifestyle vehicles right now. But what makes them so cool, and what’s it like owning one? To find out we sent Eva and Phil from Marketing on a ‘Brighton cruise’ with VW Heritage sales executive, Mark Goldsmith, and his 2001 T4 to discover what … Continued

Traveller Jet: Luxury VW Type 25

We’re all used to seeing posh people carriers laden with gadgets and designed to offer the luxury and ambiance of a gentleman’s club inside. Well, believe it or not, VW was there first with the aptly named Traveller Jet, a styling concept vehicle based on the humble VW Type 25.

Understanding Your T4Understand T4 - Header

Continuing where the T25 left off, in fact overlapping in production the T4 was an instant favourite. An inline front mounted engine powering the front wheels was the set up of choice for the first commercial to be officially called the Transporter by VW. Being manufactured from 1990 in Germany, Poland and Indonesia, the production spanned … Continued