Special Brew, REMTEC 2007cc engine.

Every now and again we will get a request for something thats a bit special, and being into the VW game as much as you, we get a bit excited!So when we got the order through for a custom built 2007cc engine, with the new CSP Python exhaust, the aircooled amongst us were over the … Continued

The Monster gets slayed, well kind of…..

The progress on the monster had slowed down a little, as Dave dug deeper the problems seemed to get worse.A good friend of his, and owner of this Volksworld cover split had a look over it for him, to see if it was worth salvaging. Aaron had done all the bodywork on his van himself, … Continued

VW Heretics: The Second Saturday Social

Saturday Febraury 13th, get that date in the diary! After the Success of the first Saturday Meet, we are holding a second one. Here are all the details, most beautifully arranged by our IT and Design Department Hope to see some of you there! See you tomorrow! Andy

Company Car with a twist

When one of our customers got fed up with driving modern cars with no personality, he took the bull by the horns, and bought a Ghia!Yes thats right, a 1967 LHD Karmann Ghia, to use for the daily commute – it can be regularly seen “nipping along” the A27, a great sight for all on … Continued

Dont let the weather get you, down under

Earlier this week we had an email out the blue, from a couple who had recently emigrated to Australia.They were customers of ours when living in the UK, and all round VW enthusiasts too.So much so, that when it came to the move, they chose to take their early bay (owned for 13 years) with … Continued

Its not over, not over yet..

Well more snow last night caused a bit of chaos here this morning, taking some of us over 2 hours to get in.. good job we like what we do!!Back to the Bens Beetle Build off, and some more snap shots of Mr Murphy’s late cabrio. Now taking up residence in his folks garage, its … Continued

And the Winner is….

Introducing this years winner of the highly contested “waiting with baited breath” award.Ben Murphy, part of the trade sales team has this 1977 1303 cabriolet, an unfinished project of 7 years and counting!He purchased it back in 2003 and used it daily for over a year, before taking it off the road for a light … Continued

The Show must go on..(snow pun avoided)

We are back in again today… the clean up begins, as the forecourt is becoming like an ice rink.Another few pics of the action.. with the comapny snow plough being the star of the show.Below we can see the plough in action, and who else at the helm, but our Operations Director Mark, and Sales … Continued