Top 10 winter motoring tips

Okay, it’s been wet, windy and mild recently – but when the cold weather really sets in it can leave you feeling the chill in more ways than one. From dead batteries to rust spots, wrecked engines and wrecked bodywork, it makes sense to start preparing now for the worst of the wintery weather ahead. … Continued

VW Hertitage's alternative Christmas…

The turkey’s sizzling in the oven, the roasties are looking good and granddad’s already staked his claim to a front row seat for the bumper Christmas episode of Eastenders… But we reckon there’s more to Christmas than abusing your digestive system, the piles of washing up and the inevitable family quarrels. Here’s our list of … Continued

VW Classic collection Iltis goes for Le Jog!

Le Jog, one of Europe’s most challenging endurance rallies, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and joining the entrants was a car from Volkswagen’s Classic Collection – a 1979 four-wheel drive Type 183 Iltis, driven by Steffi Edelhoff and Sandra Wukovich. With a tad over 1500 miles ahead of them, traveling the length of the … Continued

Golf in Guatemala

We love hearing from customers around the world and was thrilled to receive a hello, or should that be ‘hola’ from Ricardo Celis who lives in Guatemala, Central America who sent us a photo of his red Mk1 Golf GTi. We imagine it’s a pretty rare sight – although as we understand from Ricardo, the … Continued

356 ‘yard find’ makes £34,848!

If you’re in the process of trying to flog a car with rust – or, indeed, like our Beetle rust seller the other day, the rust itself – this story should fill you with hope. Despite looking somewhat worse for wear, this 1957 356 Porsche sold for a staggering $57,200 (£34,848) on ebay recently. And … Continued


Worktool, camper, surfbus, ultra cool weekend plaything – there’s plenty of reasons why people love the T4, and as T3 prices continue to soar, more and more people are beginning to recognise the benefits of buying a van that’s more affordable and more practical for every day use. So how do you go about sorting … Continued

Ultra rare Aquila Gullwing under the hammer

In case you didn’t know, the Aquila Gullwing is a kit car that was made in California by American Fibre Craft in the 1980s. Founded by Robert Mueller, American Fibre Craft based the design of the Aquila kit car on the exclusive and exotic BMW M1. Yet to keep costs down, the kit could be … Continued