4 days till the weekend….

Welcome to Mondays offering, which i hope will brighten up your day; just a tadge.It’s been manic busy here today, like most mondays, and the weather (still my favourite topic) was terrible to start, but you’ll be pleased to hear i can now report some distant blue sky, in amongst the grey clouds over Burgess … Continued

Late Ghia Cabrio comes to see us,

Apologies to the customer who came to see us Saturday in this rather tasty late ghia convertible.. i have forgotton your name!But i won’t let this stop us telling the tale..A recent aquistition after years of wanting one, our lucky owner picked this up in the west country just a few weeks prior to coming … Continued

Ben goes to Bugwelder, and other stories

Bens been back a few days, and along with some chocolate covered banana sweets, which were met with mixed emotion, he took some pictures too. Here are a few from Bugwelder HQ, in Cuxhaven, Germany. Here is one of Bugwelder’s 62 Buick Skylark.. driven back from the UK a month or so back, now in … Continued

Welcome to Wednesday!

So What do we know, Well we have what can only be described as a well used panel van, that David clocked on a recent trip to Mexico..love the graphics! And, i came in this morning to be greeted by a cheeky chappy in the shop.. And lastly, there are rumours of a monster being … Continued

Ultra Bug Boogie, part three…

Sadly no simian related antics to report so far today..rest assured i will tell you if any movements are seen!It would appear Ian was a busy guy at Bug Boogie.. as we have barely skimmed the top on this photo collection!Here are some more to make you wish it was summer still!Ahh.. and you can … Continued

Monkey Business

The last few days have seen the movements of a certain toy primate in and around the shop.We are unaware of who started “the game” but no doubt it will become a little more silly, and i think it is only fair we share it with you!Heres the monkey, striking a pose on the airfix … Continued

VW Heretics Saturday Social 12th December

VW Heretics is returning on Saturday 12th Decemember for a day time meet, running alongside the shop being open for all your vw needs, we have the Fuel Coffee wagon coming down, who will be keeping all those with caffine addictions and pastry dependancy very happy indeed! here is a lovely little flyer telling you … Continued

Ultra VW Bug Boogie 2009

Well, we had been saving these snaps for a rainy day..(what is my obsession with weather?!) Ian took a trip down in the single cab for a nice little day out..here are his findings!Enjoy! And i’ll post some more tomorrow, if i have time.. don’t forget we’re here 10-4 on a Saturday!! Andy

Suprise delivery in Goods In!

Last week the warehouse, and later the office was rife with talk of a motorbike.Goods in had been unloading a container from the states, and had got all but one crate off.They unloaded this large plastic covered metal container, and opened it up, expecting to find exhausts and engine goodies from SCAT.Instead, due to some … Continued

Wednesday, wild windy wednesday!

No rain today.. well here anyway, no doubt this will be short lived,a couple of retrospective pictures today. First an offering from one of the SSP staff, stumbled across this upon his travels..random and kinda amusing! Secondly and more on subject, here is a lovely mk1 passat wagon, one of our customers daily’s, snapped a … Continued