Tommy V takes two for the team

Having spent a good number of years working with us at VW Heritage, we have followed this car closely from conception to its show debut last weekend.Naturally we all felt chuffed to bits when Tom scooped the Visitors choice award, and even more pleased for him when he accepted the Prosign Choice award too.The Marathon … Continued

Volksworld (one blog) is not enough

So continuing from yesterday, a picture laiden blog for you.Hope you don’t mind! One of the stars of this years show, the Bug Box built life size Tamiya Sand Scorcher, complete with the paddle type tyres and a giant box and Radio Control!The ProSign Bus keeps getting better, the artwork on the roof was amazing.The … Continued

Volksworld 2010, we were there!

Arguably the best aircooled show of the year, and once again we were there in force!With all hands on deck, staff working our trade stand, and for the second year running a team beavering away building a beetle to be given away at the end of the weekend!If you missed it, well make sure you … Continued

Ben goes to Belgium and other stories Pt1.

It was the second weekend in March and Ben, our trade sales manager fancied a jolly.So packing a bag, off he went; spending the night on a floor in Kent before boarding the Eurostar and off to Ninove.Making the trip with a large group of UK aircooled fans, Ben was riding in style in the … Continued

Aircooled engines, unusual applications.

Dave picked up a 1776cc engine we had left over from the Trekker on Saturday, ready to fit into his ’65 Bug.With some custom mounts, well bits of wooden pallet, and a lift in from Ian it was in place in less than 5 minutes… who needs T3d eh?! If you want to see how … Continued

Jesus drives a Volkswagen!

Affectionately named Jesus within the VW community, and owner of this lovely early bay; he dropped by to see us late last week.Running a well tuned 1776cc engine and sat just right on the BRM’s it’s hard to fault this bus. Recording 16 second 1/4 miles and laying down trademark burnouts on the way home, … Continued

Saturday Social Spoilt by Scattered Showers.

The Saturday Social was only for the hardcore, and for that we salute you!The weather was less than ideal, but about 12-15 cars came down to laugh in the face of it!A real cross section of vehicles in attendance, something we manage every month, making sure no particular model is left out. Heres the photos, … Continued

If you go down to the woods today….

After raising some money for the AU charity last year when Mark did his abseil, we have been keen to do our bit again.This time though we are getting “hands on” and helping to build a new kitchen area in their woodland campsite.Each week a few of us will try to get along and lend … Continued

Bright Red and Roofless

As the weather slowly improves, 1 step forward 2 steps back style, more and more of your cars are being drawn out of winter hibernation. This late cabrio looked like one such car, and with the roof down it really was at home with the recent warm spell.It was a mechanic driving it in for … Continued

Nick has got the Bug… again.

After a few years out of VW Beetle ownership due to family life etc. he has dipped his toes back in the pool with this little number.Picked up locally and packed full of history its a nice original car.Some minor repairs are needed, first thoughts are small amounts of welding and a good service as … Continued