Brazilian Kombi Buyers Guide

The VW Kombi was produced in Brazil from 1976-2013 and was available initially with a traditional air-cooled engine until it switched to a water-cooled unit in 2005. They’re massively popular here in the UK, so whichever one you choose, this guide courtesy of dedicated website brazilian vw bay will help you buy the best…

How much do you know about Volkswagen tyres?

A recent Kwik-Fit survey has revealed that more than a fifth of British drivers have bought secondhand, or ‘part worn’ tyres for their car, with nearly three million motorists (9%) having done so in the last year. Yet, the same survey revealed that only 17% of drivers would consider buying used tyres again with many … Continued

Killing time this Christmas

In between quaffing sherry, feeding yourself and visiting relatives, if you find yourself at a loose end today, resist turning on the telly and catch up with a few VW-related jobs instead. Here’s some easily pick up and put downable stuff you can do while still enjoying the Christmas spirit…

London classic ban rumbles on

Earlier this year we reported on proposed new legislation which threatened to ban all but the very latest, leanest and cleanest vehicles from entering the Greater London area by 2020. Well, as the year drawers to a close, there’s some good and a fair bit of bad news for us older car lovers as the … Continued

Santa Cruise 2014 raised over £500!

Doing a good deed feels great, doing a good deed at Christmas somehow feels even better. The 5th annual VW Heritage Santa Cruise to The Children’s Trust was upon us again, and we were hoping for a fantastic turn out for this brilliant charity event. 

Christmas opening times

It’s not long now and we will be taking some time off to enjoy the seasonal festivities. To make sure your holidays go to plan, here are the dates you need to know for ordering parts for delivery in the UK before Christmas.

Top 5 VW stocking fillers for under £20

With the clock ticking, time’s fast running out to grab your nearest and dearest a stocking filler this Christmas. So, if the pressure’s on – check out some of our top VW themed gift ideas. You can find them all – and more – on our dedicated Gift Section here…

Winter defences

Winter weather can cause all sorts of havoc with your Dub – but it’s not too late to prepare your car for the cold weather ahead. Here’s some precautions you can take while you wait out the worst of the cold, rain and snow…

Sticking the boot in

There’s always likely to be a strong demand for swallowtail Golfs, GTis, and anything a bit special like a G40, Scirocco or hot Corrado. But what about the middle of the road cars that failed to get the pulse racing new that have since fallen through the cracks of collectability and risk becoming obsolete? Here … Continued

Anna's road trip to Austria

Many VW fans plan to make the pilgrimage to Austria for the infamous Worthersee car show; flying is the quickest and easiest choice, but VW Heritage team member Anna chose to drive, here’s her road trip story.