Slot machine

  Some of you may remember us sponsoring Matthew Keeler’s 1959 Beetle back in 2007. The car was set to compete in the Peking to Paris classic rally, celebrating 100 years of this event being first held. From a field of 134 vehicles that departed from the Great Wall of China, Matthew and his father John … Continued

Turning a wheel again!

It’s been 3 years in the making, 2 incarnations and countless late nights in the garage, but finally (again) our in house Web Designer Dave, has finally got his ’65 Deluxe back on the road.

Anna on a Parts Mission

With the show season fast approaching our Sales Team member Anna has been on a parts mission to get everything she needs to get all her vehicles up to scratch and back on the road for summer. There are a couple of panels needed to be bought to get her Type 25 camper welding finished, … Continued