Know your VW oranges and yellows

Look around these days and every car is simply a different shade of grey. But it wasn’t always that way – as demonstrated by the following list of retina-blasting oranges and yellows that have appeared on Volkswagens in the past…

VW Polo: The perfect retro runabout?

We don’t need to tell you that early water-cooled VWs are cool, it’s a given. But while the obvious choices such as the Mk1 and 2 Golf GTI now get snapped up, there’s more of a niche following for the simpler, more mundane models like this ultra clean and actually very practical ‘90s ‘Breadvan’, for … Continued

Is your number plate legal?

Latest research shows that a worrying 5,395 drivers fell foul of the law in 2015 by driving or keeping a car with an illegal number plate, putting them at risk of failing their MoT test and being liable for a £1,000 fine. It’s worth making sure then that you don’t become one of the statistics…

U-Pol Raptor: Your Restoration Needs This!

After spending months, weeks, days, or even just a few hours on the body or chassis of your VW project, the last thing you want is for all your hard work to go to waste. You need something that’s going to protect your investment, and keep the nasty stuff at arm’s length; you need RAPTOR!!!!

Winter driving tips

It’s great fun getting out and about at this time of year and enjoying the crisp, frosty white landscapes. But there’s a few things you need to consider before setting off on your winter driving adventures…

Algarve Classic 2016 in a Karmann GhiaAlgarve Classic en un Karmann Ghia

We have been supplying parts to João now for a couple of years helping him with his Karmann Ghia track car that he runs in the Historic Endurance race series in Portugal. The series races over 7 different tracks in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and France.

What are your New year resolutions?Propósitos para 2017

Traditionally, now’s the time to pledge to drink less, exercise more and generally knock your life back into shape. Of course most promises are broken before the last verse of Auld Lang Syne has been slurred, but having a few goals for the year ahead is no bad thing. Here’s some ideas to get your … Continued