What’s in your collection?

You can tell a lot about a person from their model car collection. Well, okay, perhaps we’re stretching the truth a bit here. One thing’s for sure, though – the contents will reveal roughly how old they are, as well as their (or more likely their parents’) interest in a particular car maker…

Volkswagen LT Buying Guide

The LT is VW’s forgotten and usually overlooked bus gem, so if you’re fed up with paying high split and bay window prices and need a bit more space for a custom camper conversion, look no further…

Volkswagen prototypes

In its early quest to expand its range and break away from the Beetle, Volkswagen experimented with a variety of different vehicles under its EA (Entwicklungsauftrag) or ‘development assignment’ programme. Needless to say, some prototypes turned out to be more successful than others…

Modded VW bus sells for £42,750

Sympathetic upgrades to make an early Split more suited to modern day motoring is something lots of owners contemplate doing, and to an extent this recently auctioned 1959 bus provides an ideal blueprint…

Ultimate Dubs 2016

We went back to Telford last weekend for the ‘watercooled season opener’ that was Ultimate Dubs 2016. Previously we reported on the increase in non-VWs in attendance, and how something didn’t quite feel right. Read on to see what 2016 had in store, and what, if anything had changed.

How to haggle

According to a recent study we’ve lost the skill of negotiation when buying a car. Yet if you go about it the right way there’s no reason why you shouldn’t become a successful haggler and shave a useful wedge of cash off your next purchase…

DKW Kastenwagen – The VW’s bus’s biggest rival?

We recently touched on the early sales success of Volkswagen’s Transporter here when a dedicated factory at Hanover had to be built to cope the explosion in demand for the handy holdall. Well, its popularity didn’t go unnoticed by other manufacturers keen to develop a rival in order to take a slice of the lucrative … Continued

Remember being ‘Beastied’?

It seems a lifetime ago that VW badges were being stolen en masse from our cars – but were you one of the many Dub owners that got ‘Beastied’ back in the late 1980s?

What is a Dacon 828?

We’ve always had a penchant for oddball VW-powered specials and this miniature rear engined Brazilian creation certainly ticks all the right ‘what the hell is it?’ boxes…

Hanover celebrates 60 years of the VW Bus

It was an incredible six decades this 8th March since the very first VW Transporter came off the production line at its new dedicated plant in Hanover – and Volkswagen is planning a special exhibition to mark the occasion.