Volkswagen with Pininfarina styling

  The Karmann Ghia naturally tips its hat to the coach builder who built it; but although making up 50% of the car’s name we may forget the beautiful lines of the Volkswagen coupe were penned by Italian styling house Ghia. We take a look at another VW classic which was styled by one of … Continued

'Things' can only get better…

The Type 181, known as the Trekker here in RHD form (Type 182) – and the ‘Thing’ in the US – is a rugged, fun, go anywhere open top four-seater based on Beetle running gear. But did you know there have been a number of even funkier variants, including a two-door?

'Gulp' Racing Fastback

Charity banger car endurance challenges are all the rage these days and this Stateside Fastback – purchased for just $500 – has to be one of the tastiest looking budget race car candidates we’ve seen so far…

Karmann Ghia Type 1 – Buying Guide

Styled by Ghia of Turin and built by Karmann with VW running gear, it’s no wonder the Karmann Ghia ended up becoming one of the coolest looking, cult air-cooled coupes of all time. With something this lovely looking, it didn’t seem to matter that it was barely able to pull the skin off a rice … Continued

€50k Rallye Golf

The Rallye Golf with its muscular flared arches, lively 1763cc 160bhp G-lader engine and 4WD has always been highly sought after here. And guess what we’ve just spotted? An ’89 example with just 19k on the clock that looks as fresh as the day it trundled out of the VW factory in Brussels a quarter of … Continued

What’s your VW worth to you?

We know lots of customers who see their Dub as priceless. In fact, lots would probably rather sell their children than part with their VW. Okay, we’re hoping that’s not actually the case – but certainly it would take a fair bit of persuasion and a decent amount of moolah to convince them to sell. Just … Continued

Santa Cruise 2014

We are pleased to announce the 5th annual VW Heritage Santa Cruise will take place on Sunday 14th December. As with previous years, we will be taking our Christmassy convoy to The Childrens Trust at Tadworth Court, nr Reigate, and we would love you to join us! 

Body beautiful?

Ok, so we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but Frankfurt styling house bb certainly pushed the boundaries of taste in the mid-‘80s with their Breadvan Polo and Mk2 Golf. So go on, tell us what you think about these mad Euro-look creations…

The real cost of the scrappage scheme

It was with frustration, and a head full of “what ifs” I took a closer look at the official list of all vehicles scrapped during the Governments 2009 Scrappage Scheme. Grab a tissue to wipe the tears, and read on to find out the real cost of this automotive, economic kick starter.