VW Heritage Santa Cruise – Sunday 15th December

Join us for some Christmas car based shenanigans on our fourth Santa Cruise which returns to The Children’s Trust at Tadworth Court on Sunday December 15th. Last year we raised £600 for our chosen charity, so grab your red suits, hats and fluffy white beards and be part of the madcap, yuletide festivities. Go on, … Continued

All aboard Beetle powered boat!

Feeling all washed up with this cold, grey winter weather? If so, check out this fun Beetle powered boat to buoy up your spirits! It’s the creation of whacky Dub fan down under Tony Anstee – and here’s the story of how it all came about…

VW Heritage at the Classic Motor Show

  This event attracts visitors from across the world; thousands of exhibits compete for your attention, every one with a story and an owner willing to tell it.  Hundreds of businesses, each offering their services to the masses, from auction houses to restoration garages, artists, craftsmen and parts specialists like ourselves rub shoulders, the diversity … Continued

Turning Japanese!

It’s always nice to see old and new side by side. A bit like a family gathering where you sit a baby next to a grandparent, it confirms the heritage. Now, if you receive an invite to display your Mk1 Golf in pride of place alongside a spanking new Mk7 at a major launch ceremony … Continued

VW Heritage Formula Vee Festival!

After a year of following the 750MC Formula Vee season, and supporting the Vee Centre drivers we got the opportunity to sponsor the end of year finale at Brands Hatch last weekend. Here’s what happened…

’58 Beetle ragtop down under

Ross Clarke from Queensland, Australia is a long time Volkswagen enthusiast, and among his collection is a ’75 Karmann Cabriolet, T25 combi and Type 3 Fastback – all of which he’s nurtured and loved, calling upon VW Heritage to supply all the hard to find parts to keep them alive. However, having owned a ‘60s … Continued

eBay rust seller revealed!

Hopefully you would have caught up with our story last week about the cheeky Beetle owner who listed a fragment of rust taken from their car on the nation’s favourite internet auction site. Well, we can now reveal the vendor – it’s Sheila from London and we’ve a picture of her and her Bug ‘Spud’…

Rally Beetle survives!

It’s tough being a rally car. Instead of finding a comfortable home with a private owner, it’s stripped, tuned and campaigned to within an inch of its life before being retired and falling into obscurity. Just watch any Herbie film and you’ll get the idea. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across what has … Continued