10 Dub things to do in 2016

It’s a given that people make new year’s resolutions so they can break them later on. But actually having a few objectives to kick start 2016 isn’t such a bad idea – even if you don’t actually manage to achieve all of them…

VW air-cooled heater problems?

Compared to modern cars the heating system on air-cooled Volkswagens might seem a bit antiquated, a critisism fuelled by the fact that on most cars it’s seldom working at its full potential. Yet when it was conceived all those years ago it was relatively up to date – and if everything is in place as … Continued

What to watch this Christmas

When you get fed up with the shenanigans on Albert Square and all those Z-list celebrities being silly for the sake of it, why not switch off the box, go online and download something that’s guaranteed to be a lot more entertaining this Christmas. Namely, a classic movie with a Beetle in it! In no … Continued

Janis Joplin's Porsche 356 – pure rock and roll!

She might have sung “my friends all drive Porsches” and implied that she hankered after a Mercedes-Benz instead, but Sixties singer Janis Joplin did indeed own a 356 – and it’s recently sold for silly money at auction. We have a closer look at Janis Joplin’s Porsche.

Der Kleiner Panzers Christmas charity cruise

Most aircooled VW enthusiasts will have heard about the Der Kleiner Panzers VW club from Southern California USA. DKP is widely known as a pioneer of the ‘California Look’ and unbelievably the club marked its 50th anniversary in June this year.

Best wedding present ever

When you’re struggling to juggle work, life and family commitments it’s easy to lose focus on your car project – and that’s precisely what happened to 35 year-old Irishman Liam Neale. Fortunately for him, though, his soon-to-be wife Caroline and VW nut friends were on hand to put him and his drag Beetle back on … Continued

VW Golf heater problems

As the mercury falls, you’ll no doubt reach for the heater controls in your car. But what if they don’t work and you end up with more cold air blasting through your cabin? There’s no excuse for having a chilly car this Christmas, so here’s some tips on how to sort out some of the … Continued

Jogja VW Festival 2015, Indonesia

As enthusiasts of the VW Scene we love nothing more than to visit VW shows we have never been to before. So you can imagine our excitement when we were invited to visit the Jogja VW Festival 2015 in Indonesia last month!

Mk1 Scirocco rarities

The original Scirocco was a game changer for VW. Cleverly combining Giugiaro’s design prowess, Karmann build and Volkswagen’s legendary reliability it gave VW the perfect showcase to introduce its exciting new water-cooled cars after the long term success of the Beetle. Rust and the ravages of time, however, have sadly taken their toll on this … Continued

America’s air-cooled Beetle rival

No doubt you are all aware of Porsche’s links with VW and the fact the former produced what’s generally considered to be the ultimate air-cooled engine – namely the 3.6-litre flat-six. But did you know the Americans also wanted a slice of horizontally opposed air-cooled action back in the Sixties, not that the results were … Continued