VW Heritage Beetle Buyer's Guide

The iconic air-cooled Beetle has always had a cult following and interest in the car continues to blossom, not least because it’s such a brilliant every day classic. What’s more, it’s an absolute hoot to drive, inexpensive to buy and cheap to maintain because virtually everything is still available in the way of parts, repair … Continued

Fun in the Sun! July's Heretics Meet

  Another Heretics meet, and arguably the best ever! Our carpark, and those of surrounding businesses were over flowing with VWs, their shapes and forms as varied as their colours and condition. The soundtrack for the evening provided by Brightlight City, as they took to the “stage” just inside the warehouse doors.

Meet Gretel! 1956 Splitscreen Pick up.

Decent rot free early pick ups don’t come along very often, so when we saw this stunning low mileage ’56 at Terry’s Beetles in Hanwell, we knew we just had to have it. As a promotional vehicle, nothing could be more cool!

VW Golf Mk2 Buying Guide

The evergreen Mk2 Golf is becoming more popular than ever, yet you can still pick up one of these classic Dub icons for a little over a grand. The key of course is being totally up to speed on what goes wrong, what’s likely to cost big bucks to fix and avoiding those that are … Continued