What is Cal-style and Cal-look?

Southern California has traditionally been the place where rules are bent, boundaries pushed and VW trends are started. But there were two quite different car cultures to come out of SOCAL in the late seventies and they’re easily confused. So here’s our at a glance interpretation of the main differences between ‘Cal-style’ and ‘Cal-look’

Top 10 Weirdest Volkswagens

The classic Volkswagen is everywhere these days; on TV adverts, printed on T-shirts, and parked by the beach throughout the summer. Sometimes though, owners feel they might be able to add a ‘little something’ extra to theirs, to make them stand out even more. We have put together a selection of ten of the weirdest classic … Continued

Golf GTi – early impressions

Continuing our 40th anniversary celebrations of the first totally iconic Golf GTi, we’ve plundered the archives to find out what the UK press thought about the car and specifically how it compared to our home-grown Ford XR3 rival. Their findings make interesting reading…

Mad as a March Hare

In our never-ending quest to uncover the most oddball VWs ever made we’ve discovered yet another totally bonkers VW-based kit car. Indeed, this one’s almost as mad as its name…

Ewan McGregor sells his Beetle for £20,000

Forget the big, brash steroid pumping SUVs, the exotic Italian sports cars and the Hummers – acting legend and star of Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and more recently Star Wars VII up until recently Ewan McGregor has been trundling around Tinseltown in something a lot cooler. Namely a 1960 De Luxe sunroof Beetle. However, with a … Continued

VWs at auction

Spring has well and truly sprung and judging by these results from a recent Anglia Car Auction sale, the rising sap is obviously influencing the hammer price of various VWs…

VW Auto 2000 Concept

It might look like a B3 Passat, but the Auto 2000 prototype predates that car by almost a decade. Here’s the story of the fuel-efficient and totally innovative VW Auto 2000 concept…

Bianco S Coupe – a rare ‘70s gem!

Brazil’s draconian import restrictions put a lid on the possibility of buying a Porsche or Mercedes back in the sixties and seventies so car enthusiasts had to look closer to home for their sports car kicks. Hence the emergence of a rash of small, specialist domestic car manufacturers eager to create something exotic with a … Continued

Ragtop Zwitter Beetle for sale

During the last six months of split rear window Beetle production, between October 1952 and March 1953, Wolfsburg produced a ‘hybrid’ or, using its more commonly known German name, the ‘Zwitter’. It still had the split rear screen but adopted the later Oval rear window Bug’s dash and various other details like the oval shaped … Continued

UK Special Edition VW Beetles

We all love spoiling our Beetles with period accessories to make them a bit more special, but Volkswagen’s being doing it since the seventies. Here’s our ultimate guide to some of the most popular limited edition models that were available here in the UK…