Top pre-MoT checks you can do at homeMOT checks you can do at home

A recent survey found that nearly 50% of all faults found during an MoT test could be avoided by carrying out regular, simple checks and maintenance, like replacing bulbs, wipers and tyres. But there’s no reason to wait until your vehicle is due its annual ‘test’ to check these things. There’s lots you can do … Continued

VWs at auction in FebruaryVolkswagens at auction

Traditionally, February is a popular time to buy or sell a vehicle so we thought we’d have a quick gander at a variety of air-cooled VWs that have recently gone under the hammer…

Porsche-built B32: the fastest VW bus?

What do you reckon? Looks mean, doesn’t it? Well, that’s no surprise given that the once humble wasserboxer in this 1985 T25 has been ditched in favour of a storming 3.2-litre Porsche engine instead. But that’s only half the story behind the rare B32…

How the Mk2 Scirocco beat its rivals

We’ve all got our impressions, albeit a tad weighted if we’re honest, about the virtues of the excellent Mk2 Scirocco. But we thought it would be interesting to look back at what contemporary reviewers thought of it at the time. And, more fascinatingly still, how it ranked against its hairier turbocharged rivals back in the … Continued

How to have fun racing your classic VW

There’s nothing better than being behind the wheel of an older Volkswagen, we all know that. But if you’re keen to push the envelope a bit further by entering into some form of competition, then there’s a whole world of extra fun waiting for you to experience. Some events are free, some involve a small … Continued