60 Years of VW in UK

Incredibly it’s 60 years since VW opened its first UK franchise, initially operating out of offices in London’s Regent Street back in 1953. Since then of course Volkswagen agents have sprung up in virtually every major town but how the Wolfsburg firm got to this point sure makes interesting reading…

Rare Rometsch spotted

Rarer than rocking horse droppings, we spotted this ‘50s VW-based coachbuilt beauty at a car show in Hertfordshire this summer. But what is it? And why does it look so American? We did a bit of digging to find out…

Beetle rust up for grabs!

‘A pink bathrobe, a Dukes of Hazzard ashtray, a slightly damaged golf bag, Shatner’s old toupee’ – and now Weird Al Yankovic could add ‘Beetle pile-o-rust’ to the list of useless things in his eBay song because, yes, that’s what’s up for grabs on that famous internet auction site. And incredibly the madcap listing’s already … Continued

VW Heritage at Klassisches VW Treffen, Japan

One of the great things about VWs is that enthusiasm for the brand has filtered through to just about every corner of the globe – and nowhere is that interest as great as in Japan. That’s why we sent our European trade account manager Aurelie Mouth to one of the country’s most illustrious gatherings for … Continued

Top 10 winter storage tips

Autumn’s upon us and ideally your pride and joy will be heading for a cosy garage to sit out the worst of the winter weather. But cars are designed for regular use and tucking them away can do more harm than good unless you take the right precautions with components seizing, dampness and body corrosion … Continued

VW Bus fishtank!

Okay, so it’s kind of kitsch cool to have a couple of goldfish swimming around a glass bowl on your mantelpiece, but in a huge 800 gallon fishpond in the back of a VW Bay window bus? You’ve got to be kidding, right? No, actually, and these incredible pictures prove it!

Brighton Breeze by Josh

Josh has been on the team for a few years now, on and off. He’s got a ’69 Cal looker to his name, enjoys speaking spanish and rock climbing in his spare time (at the same time?!). We’ve entrusted him to tell you all about this great show. If you are not familiar with his … Continued

Import-ant business!

We’ve all dreamed of getting our mitts on a rust-free Californian import, but how tricky is it importing a car from the States yourself – and how much is it likely to cost? VW Heritage spoke to top import specialists Kingstown Shipping to find out…

Westside VW Show

  It was our first time at the home of the Westside VW Cartel; Chalfont Cricket Ground in West London. This one day show, run by a  group of real enthusiasts (who have been in the watercooled VW scene for as long as I can remember) was an exercise in what a show should be -Fantastic … Continued

James Wallace Mk1 Golf project rolls on…

Having stripped it back to bare metal and welded in a roll cage, James Wallace cracks on with his mega Berg Cup themed Mk1 Golf project and brings us up to speed on sorting the interior, the paint and getting it an MoT. In fact, after a whole load of blood, sweat and general hard … Continued