Gearing up for the Volksworld Show

Due to the huge success of last years VW Heritage Beetle Build, the same team have clubbed together and hatched another plan to draw the crowds. The plan is to convert a rather run of the mill 70’s Beetle into a replica of the classic Empi GTV Beetles of days gone by. Then one lucky … Continued

Super Quick Split

We always enjoy seeing something a little special roll up on the forecourt of VW Heritage HQ, and this morning is certainly no exception. Most of the staff here left their chairs and peered out of the window when they heard the distinctive rumble of a performance air-cooled motor getting closer. The Vehicle in question … Continued

Wishing the rain away

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I’m certainly getting a bit bored of this rain! Roll on the summer months, light evenings, driving to work with the windows down…..can’t be that far away now….can it? Our usual blogger Andy is away this week celebrating yet another birthday so the task has been left … Continued

2nd Time Lucky

After the disapointment of realising the first Beetle was better used as a tea strainer than a car, our I.T Guru Dave went back out on the hunt for a replacement base. The search for the ideal project car had almost come to an end until one of our customers cars was offered for sale. … Continued

Wet, Wet, Wizard

A break from the norm, a Wizard Roadster paid us a visit today. The customer not only braving the rain in a car with a soft top, but the cold too as his heaters dont work! The car was originally built back in 1991, but has only recently come into our customers ownership in the … Continued

Good things happen in threes….

So the third and possibly the final installment of the Heretics photos, you all know the score with these by now… enjoy! Was really loving the 70’s graphics on this bay – sadly i only took this picture!Please, if its yours, bring it next time too! Old and New, Mk2 G60 Edition 1, and R32 … Continued

Saturday Social, picture update #2

As promised another picture heavy blog with the cars from last saturdays Heretics meet. Martin’s Grey Mk2 1.8 Turbo looked the business, and packed a 300BHP punch too, so good he swapped his Porsche for it! And just so you Airheads don’t feel left out, heres a most pleasant Split van. See you tomorrow! Andy

VW Heretics, Second Saturday Social

Firstly a huge thanks for all of you brave enough to of made the Second Social a great success. With freezing temperatures, and snow falling for some of it, understandably some were put off.The majority of the cars were from the watercooled stable, with a great selection of Mk2 Golfs on show, aswell as some … Continued

Howabout a Mk1 with a blower?!

Heres a silly photo to round off a quite a busy week.. Sorry, not had time today for a full post, but we will make up for it next week.If you are local to us don’t forget heretics saturday social tomorrow! Have a good weekend, see you monday! Andy

Staff Car build ups..My Polo

As we have been profiling other members of staff and their cars, there was bound to be a time when my little old polo would come to the surface and be seen. I will try not to bore you too much, but here is the story, which begins in 2003 if i recall correctly On … Continued