VW Mk1 Golf bodywork tips

We love the VW Mk1 Golf for its purity. Not so good is the fact that its still sharp looking body is more susceptible to rust than its Mk2 successor. However, you shouldn’t let a bit of corrosion put you off because there’s experts out there who have found its weak spots, unlocked its bodywork … Continued

Bring back the tax disc!

We want it back in our windscreens! That seems to be the general consensus among motorists, despite the fact that the tax disc basically became obsolete following rule changes back in October 2014…

5000bhp jet-engined VW Bus!

If bolting a 5000bhp engine to the flat bed of an early VW split window pick up sounds totally nuts, wait until we tell you that it could theoretically do 0-270mph in under seven seconds! We talked to the creator of this 1958 pick up, technical genius and VW Heritage customer Perry Watkins…

What is a Mk3 Golf A59?

If it had pushed ahead with production of its steroid pumping Mk3 Golf A59, VW could have become a key player on the motorsport scene in the early nineties. Not only that, but the Mk3 Golf as a whole could have enjoyed a far rosier fate. Here’s the story of what might have been Wolfsburg’s … Continued

Early VW 411 for sale

Check out this early air-cooled family gem. It’s a 1969 411, it’s across the channel in France and it’s only a cool €4500 which is a little over three grand in pounds Sterling!

How to choose your next VW project

Now that Christmas is out of the way a lot of us will be contemplating taking on a restoration project. After all, nothing’s more rewarding than fettling a scruffy wreck into a thing of joy and the lump in the throat sense of pride you’ll get once it’s finally finished. The prospect of buying a … Continued

70 years since first production Beetle

It was shortly after the first post-war Christmas 1945 that the first ever Beetle rolled off the production line. It didn’t enjoy the explosion of success you might have thought in those early days, though, and by the end of 1945 only 55 vehicles had been produced in total…