1967 VW Beetle – what a year that was…

London was in full swing, hemlines were rising and morals falling. More importantly, all manner of groundbreaking modifications were made to the people’s car – not least a whole host of technical changes that would take the Beetle into next decade… Here’s how that infamous year, and the milestone changes to the Bug, unfolded…

Hair cooled hair-do?

You might have read in the news recently about the Plymouth barber who reckoned the name and look of his salon ‘Herr Kutz’ had been nicked by a violent video game maker. Well, a hairdresser in Wakefield is also making the headlines – but for a very different reason…

Brighton Speed Trials saved!

Following our recent call to action, and a major campaign by event organisers, The Brighton & Hove Motor Club, we’re pleased to announce that the Brighton Speed Trials has been saved!  After the council initially declined an application to run the event in 2014, its Economic Development and Culture Committee voted unanimously last night to … Continued

Retirement plan: a VW project!

We all like to ponder how we’re going to spend our retirement, assuming we’re lucky enough to get one. Some folk buy a set of clubs and join their local golf club, others simply while away their time gardening or watching Bargain Hunt. VW Heritage customer Peter Edwards, however, had an altogether better idea – … Continued

Sleeping beauty – 1966 VW Fastback

Regular VW Heritage customer down under Ross Clarke has a bevy of beautiful Dubs, including this gorgeous 1966 VW Fastback. Having been dismantled, painted and subsequently left sat for 20 years waiting to be finished it was a case of putting the jigsaw puzzle of bits back together again as well as adding some clever … Continued

Ivy League

VW Heritage customer Lee Goddard has created one of the most stunning air ride equipped Bugs seen for a long time. It even made it onto the cover of VW Ultra magazine a few months back. Here’s his story…

Classic VWs rallied in China!

Car museums are great – but you can’t help feel a tad sad for the exhibits destined never to turn a wheel, denied the thrill of ever taking to the open road again. If they had a voice, they’d be pleading, “hey, don’t tell me you’re going to keep me parked up in this place … Continued

Water good idea!

When the local road is more like a fast moving stream and the village pond becomes a lake, you know you’re in trouble. Indeed, the recent floods have made many low-lying parts of the country a totally waterlogged no-go area for motorists. That’s why we thought it would be prudent to check out some clever … Continued

Save Brighton Speed Trials!

Every year, thousands pack Madeira Drive and the main road above on the second Saturday in September to catch a glimpse of cars and motorbikes as they hurtle down the famous seafront location, reaching speeds of up to 180mph in some cases. However, on January 23rd a meeting is set to decide the event’s future … Continued

New Year Resolutions for 2014

We all do this at some point in our lives, if not religiously every year. Often we keep them to ourselves, other times we tell friends and family so they can support us in the quest to make the next year a better one…