Malaysia to Hannover and back – via VW Heritage!

At the beginning of March, five Volkswagen enthusiasts left their homeland in Malaysia in three Buses and a Beetle. Their destination, two continents and 20,000km away being the Transporter production line in Hannover, Germany. It’s incredible then, having taken three months to successfully complete their trip, they travelled across the Channel to see us at … Continued

VW diesel engine history

Diesels have come in for a fair bit of flack recently, with VW hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But pioneering French manufacturers aside, it’s important to recognise that Volkswagen has also been responsible for some of the most important diesel engine innovations in the past few decades. Here’s a quick summary of … Continued

New categories for write-offs

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has announced new categories for written-off cars, with the current Category C and Category D classifications being replaced by new ones from October 1.

What is a G-Lader?

Volkswagen’s supercharger gave cars like the Polo G40 and Corrado G60 a massive leg up in the performance car stakes back in the early 1990s. But when other manufacturers were using turbos, why did VW choose the G-Lader instead?

The Type 4 engine explained

The Type 4 engine broke new ground and was VW’s most technically advanced powerplant to date when it made its debut in 1968. Vastly different in both appearance and design to the air-cooled Type 1 unit which we blogged about here, it still impresses today – not least for its silky power delivery. Here’s a … Continued

Billy Monger picks Beetle for comeback

Billy Monger, the teenage racer who had to have both legs amputated following a high-speed collision at Donnington Park earlier this year, is back behind the wheel – in a Fun Cup endurance racer ‘Beetle’…

Air-cooled Type 1 engine evolution explained

Unhindered by the need for water, Volkswagen’s Type 1 air-cooled engine was one of the principle reasons behind the lasting success of the Wolfsburg firm. Here’s a rundown of how it’s changed, along with a useful reference guide to engine numbers…

VWs at auction: latest results from the sales

The sun’s shining, cars are being polished and the auction houses have been packed with prospective bidders looking for their next VW. Here’s an update on what’s being sold, the money certain vehicles are fetching – and the cars that slipped through the net…