Rules not clear for classics

Legislation for older cars isn’t always easy to understand and recent proposed changes to the MoT and the dumping of the old school paper tax disc have further muddied the waters. Need some help? Well, we’ll try and get to the bottom of what the smallprint really means…

Yanks a lot!

Check out this mega US inspired Beetle pick up. It’s the creation of a company called Imola-Car KFT, based in Hungary, and the whole lot took 10 months of old-fashioned hand-crafted, custom panel forming goodness to build.

Driven by coffee?

We all need a strong coffee to get us going in the morning – but this 1988 Scirocco actually runs on coffee. And no, it’s not April 1st!

Engine change, of the times…

VW shows have changed big time over the last few decades and one much enjoyed relic from the time when tweed jackets and braces were more de rigueur than beanies was the Beetle engine change competition. We got to talk to the Usain Bolt of the engine swap world, current record holder and former Buzzcocks … Continued

Beetling around Mexico

If you’re looking for the perfect winter getaway – check out these guided road trips around Mexico. You get to go in a Beetle of your choice, or if you really fancy living it up a little there’s even the option of being chauffeured!

Wet and Windy Brighton Breezy!

Brighton Breeze isn’t just about the show, but also the run from the start point in Epsom, Surrey, cruising down the A23 until the horizon is visible on the descent into the city of Brighton itself, culminating in a classic VW congregation on the seafront.

Porsche bodied Beetle!

Back in the late 1970s a raft of bizarre-looking Porsche bodied Beetles descended on VW Action when it was still at the Staffordshire Showground. A fleet of them had driven over from Austria and the hugely modified cars stunned the conservative VW scene at the time with their radically smoothed bodywork, huge rear spoilers and … Continued

Drive time

You’ve spotted your next dream Veedub, raided the piggy bank to pay for it, and now you need to get round there pronto and seal the deal. But you need to drive it first to make sure it’s kosher – and all too often this is a wasted opportunity to spot crucial clues that all’s not … Continued