Essential Winter Car Care Tips

If you’re determined to carry on enjoying your classic VW throughout the winter months, there’s various precautions you can take to help it endure the worst of what the rotten weather will have to throw at it…

VW Heritage Jetta Project is back on

It’s been a few years since we last reported progress on our Jetta Mk1 Coupe, so I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed. We have a 1981 VW Jetta, that was imported from Poland. It’s the rarer Coupe version; these weren’t originally available in the UK (although a number have since been … Continued

Is this the most expensive Corrado on the market?VW Spotted

We love the Corrado. Launched in 1988, its sporty persona, distinctive wedge-like profile and granite like build make it one of the most desirable modern classic VWs out there. Of course the icing on the cake was when Volkswagen released the UK-only V6 Storm model in the early ‘90s. Only 500 were built, half appearing … Continued

New cars are too big!

The Telegraph reports that Britain is obsessed with size, and ever bigger cars have seen car park scrapes increase by a third in recent years. In a nutshell, research shows that family cars are getting too beefy for traditional town centre parking spaces – so by owning a classic are we bucking the trend?

Budget Camping Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or planning your very first weekend away, there’s plenty of things you can do to make the whole experience a lot kinder on your wallet. Here’s some budget camping tips to see you through to the end of the 2017 season with a little more change in your pocket…

Volkswagen recreates past for Beetle fan

When Manchester pub manager Barry Openshaw responded to a social media plea by VW for people to recount their memories of Volkswagens from times gone by, nothing could have prepared him for the surprise they had in store…

Up for a Challenger?

We’ve featured a raft of VW-based ‘specials’ on the blog recently and this ultra rare gullwing Challenger Charger gives enthusiasts yet another opportunity of owning a vehicle with out-of-this-world looks but down-to-earth running costs.

Winter use or abuse?winter use or abuse

There’s a big decision to be made at this time of year. Do you continue using your older Dub throughout the worst of the winter weather, or do you mothball it – offering your classic VW the luxury of sitting out the cold, wet and possibly snowy conditions in a state of hibernation until next … Continued

Know your VW Reds

In world of drab greys, blacks and all manner of entirely forgettable metallics in between, VW reds always stand out. But did you know the first ‘proper’ red didn’t appear on VW’s colour palette until April 1956? Indeed, the vibrant Coral Red (L 351) must have represented a breath of fresh air in the still … Continued

VW Mk1 Caddy Buying GuideVW Heritage Mk1 Caddy Buying Guide

The Golf fronted Pick Up is a popular classic for VW enthusiasts. It carries the commercial kudos of the legendary Type 2 and combines it with the most famous hot hatch of all, so it’s little wonder so many can be seen at VW shows. Here’s some pointers in our Mk1 Caddy buying guide.