Introduced: Meet Alex and her BeetleAlexBeetle

What was your first car? For many millennials a modern super-mini is the only way to get behind the wheel these days, with sky high insurance quotes keeping anything fun a mere figment of their imagination… Unless, you strike it lucky, and like Alex Tooth, VW Heritage Events Organiser you bag a Beetle as your … Continued

Does my VW need an IVA test?

You may know it as the SVA, three letters which have struck fear into many folk worried about the technical scrutiny their vehicle would be put under by government officials. Well, It’s been renamed the IVA test, but the inspection is just as rigorous. The question is, do you need to put your vehicle to … Continued

Recambios para mantener joven tu Golf IIRecambios para mantener joven tu Golf II

Lanzada en agosto de 1983 a los mercados internacionales, la segunda serie del Volkswagen Golf llegaba con más espacio interior, gracias a una carrocería cuya longitud aumentó a 3,99 metros. Desde entonces han pasado casi 35 años, un plazo de tiempo que ha servido para confirmar las cualidades y resistencia de este compacto de tracción … Continued

All work… all play!Header English

VW Heritage Visiting Friends: Craig & Sally. Eva-Maria Brueckmann drops in to chat about their love of the marque, the cars in their collection and find out more about their VW clothing venture that allows them to mix business with pleasure… If you’ve always fancied combining work with a hobby, then take some inspiration from … Continued

50 years of continuous VW ownership

Brand loyalty is nothing unusual, but Karin Wilson’s attachment to the marque goes beyond the realms of simple habit because, get this, she’s owned 16 different Volkswagens and clocked up over half a century of continuous VW ownership.

5 Gift Ideas For VW Enthusiasts

1. ENAMEL MUG Nothing says vintage more than this retro style enamel mug with its sturdy shape and appealing VW T1 Bus Legendary logo on a deep red background. The enamel coating ensures it’s easy to wash and care for. Great for camping or picnics, each mug is also packaged in an individual gift box … Continued

6v to 12v VW conversion

With winter on its way, you might want to consider upping the ante by replacing your older 6v electrics with a 12v VW conversion. If you need a boost – here’s what’s involved…

Mark’s life with a VW T4BlogHeader_marksLife

VW T4 Transporters are one of the most sought after must-have lifestyle vehicles right now. But what makes them so cool, and what’s it like owning one? To find out we sent Eva and Phil from Marketing on a ‘Brighton cruise’ with VW Heritage sales executive, Mark Goldsmith, and his 2001 T4 to discover what … Continued

Traveller Jet: Luxury VW Type 25

We’re all used to seeing posh people carriers laden with gadgets and designed to offer the luxury and ambiance of a gentleman’s club inside. Well, believe it or not, VW was there first with the aptly named Traveller Jet, a styling concept vehicle based on the humble VW Type 25.

MPG World Champions for sale: VW XL1

Fancy a VW that will return 313mpg while being able to do 0-62mph in under 13 seconds and reach a top speed of nearly 100mph? If you do, you’re in luck because we’ve tracked down three of the 200 VW XL1s made – and they’re all for sale…