Know your VW whites

The used car trade always warned about buying a white car. Traditionally, it’s not been a hugely popular colour in the UK – and for that reason, if you happened to own a car in this hue it usually proved a nightmare to sell. That’s all changed of late. Currently, the roads are awash with … Continued

Driving test changes – what will they mean?

You’ll no doubt have heard that there are changes afoot regarding the driving test, with the emphasis being on making it more realistic for modern road conditions. So if you’re just about to get behind the wheel for the first time, or are likely to be in charge of someone who is, here’s what you … Continued

Labour of love – VW Beetle owner story

Having had her first Beetle tragically crushed by the local council, VW Heritage customer Kate Kingshott made it her ambition to buy another. This time she’d get round to undertaking a full restoration, even doing some of the work herself, adding some carefully considered accessories along the way. Here’s the story of ‘Mr Tickle’ the … Continued

Top 10 VW Type 25 buying tips

There’s been a tidal wave of interest in T25s in the last few years and as everyone begins to look forward to the sunny weekends ahead, now’s the time to buy. But before you start searching, here’s our top 10 T25 nuggets of buying advice…

VW air-cooled oil service tips

If you’re about to hit the road again in your classic air-cooled VW, it’s wise to treat it to a proper once over first. To kick things off, here’s our easy-to-follow guide on how to carry out a basic air-cooled engine oil change and gearbox service…