Stock or modified: which is worth more?

With older VW prices rising all the time, owners have a dilemma. Do they keep everything stock and enjoy things as they are, or do they make modifications and risk hurting values? Well, this sought after ’67 Beetle for sale at demonstrates how you can enjoy the best of both worlds…

Tyre wear worry

A UK-wide survey has revealed that over 10 million vehicles could have been driven with an illegal tyre in 2016, fuelling the argument that despite work by safety campaigners, motorists still aren’t putting enough importance on the condition of their rubber.

Golf GTi, el coche que nadie queríaGTI el coche que nadie quería

Una reciente entrevista en el programa de la BBC Top Gear reveló que hace 40 años Volkswagen no estaba demasiado interesado en producir un Golf deportivo. De hecho, se desaconsejó totalmente el concepto completo.

Calls for rolling MoT exemption

What constitutes a historic vehicle? Well, according to the people that levy Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) it’s any car which reaches 40 years of age. But for another government agency, namely the Department for Transport (DfT), it’s any vehicle built before 1960. With the obvious and often confusing discrepancy highlighted by the fact that the … Continued

Zweier Golf aus der Tonne

Ein Golf II Rennwagen aus der Mülltonne? Wir kennen viele Varianten der DIY Renner, die sogenannten Seifenkisten. Rennwagen aus Mülltonnen war uns allerdings neu. Uns war klar, dass wir von solch einem Rennen berichten wollen – vom Zweier Golf aus der Tonne. Als die Nichte seines Bekannten mit nur 21 Jahren an den Folgen von … Continued

Oldies in Lavenham

Vergesst laute Bässe und VWs die so tief liegen, dass sie jedes Schlagloch fürchten müssen. Beim Lavenham International Vintage Volkswagen Meeting stetzt man auf Originalität. Unser Kollege James hat sie besucht, die Oldies in Lavenham. 

Como cambiar el tapizado del techo de Golf Mk2Guía de tapizado del techo de golf Mk2

El techo interior del Golf Mk2 puede dar algunos problemas y el más común es que la tela del techo se despegue de la estructura rígida y quede caída sobre la cabeza de los pasajeros. Recientemente hemos desarrollado un nuevo tapizado del techo de Golf Mk2 y Anna, de nuestro departamento de desarrollo de productos, … Continued

Wheelie good Mk2 Golf

A Mk2 Golf inspired wheelie bin racer? We’ve heard it all now, surely? Well, apparently not because it exists and it’s the proud creation of VW nut Dan Kelly. Most importantly, it’s all been done in a good cause – namely a teenage cancer charity.

Oldies out at Lavenham

Forget the throbbing music, the slammed cars that sit so low they scrape dead flies off the road and vehicles festooned with every conceivable non-period accessory. Lavenham International Vintage Volkswagen Meeting is for those who crave originality and savour the more historic vehicles on the Dub scene…

Helping the homeless in Brighton and Hove

Sadly homelessness is still very much an issue in a lot of communities, and Brighton and Hove (and Shoreham just ten minutes down the road) are no different. We’ve chosen to support 2 local charities in 2016 who are doing their very best to help those affected.