Does my VW need an IVA test?

You may know it as the SVA, three letters which have struck fear into many folk worried about the technical scrutiny their vehicle would be put under by government officials. Well, It’s been renamed the IVA test, but the inspection is just as rigorous. The question is, do you need to put your vehicle to … Continued

Winter rust protection

Prevention is always better than cure, so here are some tips to help with rust protection on your VW throughout the worst of the winter months ahead…

Keep your VW Camper warm

If getting away for the weekend in your VW Camper at this time of year means layering up with thermal underwear and donning six pairs of socks, then it’s unlikely to be much fun. So what can you do to make your VW T2, Type 25, T4 and T5 toasty and warm and this winter? … Continued

10 Winter Workshop Safety Tips

As the mercury begins to plummet, even the most brave of us retreat to the comfort of a garage or workshop. But while working on your car inside, it’s essential to get organised and be prepared for every eventuality to help keep yourself in one piece; here are some practical tips on workshop safety to … Continued

Winter weather car care

There’s something to be said for the old Boy Scout motto of always being prepared, so here are some useful tips and products to help you with winter weather car care.

6v to 12v VW conversion

With winter on its way, you might want to consider upping the ante by replacing your older 6v electrics with a 12v VW conversion. If you need a boost – here’s what’s involved…

VW ABS: all you need to know

Most cars from the mid-1990s onwards had an anti-lock braking system fitted as standard. But what is it, how does it work and what commonly goes wrong? We have all the answers about VW ABS systems…

August’s wishlist winner…

Our website was inundated with visitors during August, as customers old and new tried their luck to become our latest Wishlist winner. With a grand’s worth of gear up for grabs, it was a prize worth winning for sure.