Build your own garage!

With the kids back at school and the cold, wet autumn months just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about some proper undercover facilities for your prized VW, where it can sit out the worst of the winter weather…We explore how to build your own garage.

Volkswagen Mk3 Golf special editions

We’ve got the underrated and usually overlooked Mk3 Golf (1992-’98) down as a future classic. We even published a buying guide here. It’s a great car, with a lot more standard equipment than its predecessor the Mk2 – and it’s much more refined and comfortable. That said, you’ll rarely see the word ‘Mk3’ and ‘special’ … Continued

What’s the next VW classic?

If only we had a crystal ball. That way we might have predicted that £300 Split Window Buses would one day be making £30,000 and that even the most basic early Mk1 Golfs with the ‘Swallowtail’ rear end would become highly sought after. Well, it’s too late to bag a bargain where those two examples … Continued

Top 10 VW Type 25 buying tips

There’s been a tidal wave of interest in T25s in the last few years and as everyone begins to look forward to the sunny weekends ahead, now’s the time to buy. But before you start searching, here’s our top 10 T25 nuggets of buying advice…

VW Mk1 Caddy Buying GuideVW Heritage Mk1 Caddy Buying Guide

The Golf fronted Pick Up is a popular classic for VW enthusiasts. It carries the commercial kudos of the legendary Type 2 and combines it with the most famous hot hatch of all, so it’s little wonder so many can be seen at VW shows. Here’s some pointers in our Mk1 Caddy buying guide.

VW T4 Buying TipsVW T4 Buying Guide

Some see it as the last ‘classic’ VW transporter, and there’s no question about it – the T4’s scalpel sharp, boxy styling is trademark old school Volkswagen, albeit it with a slightly more modern twist. Either way, there’s plenty to commend the hard as nails T4 produced from 1990 to 2003 – so whether you … Continued

Mk1 Scirocco Buying TipsVWH_Scirroco-Buying-Guide

There’s no denying the first generation Giugiaro styled Mk1 Scirocco is fast becoming one of the most sought after water-cooled VW classics out there. So if you want one, be sure to take heed of our quickfire guide to help you find the real gems…

VW Jetta Buying guide

While the enthusiast market for the Mk1 and Mk2 Golf has always been strong, the booted version has remained something of an acquired taste. Which is a shame because in our humble opinion the VW Jetta is a much underrated future classic and a car that offers huge scope for the water-cooled newer Dub fanatic. … Continued