Volksworld, hold on….

Volksworld show, the last weekend of March; it requires months of prior planning and passes us in a flash. It’ll be another year before such calibre of aircooled machinary are again gathered under one roof for us all to enjoy. How did it go? Well it went like this, setting up the stand all day Friday, which included sticking … Continued

Track Two

Here’s another race car we will be keeping an eye on. Clive’s Mk2 8v will be competing in its second season this year in the Golf Gti Championship. Last year saw him bring the car home 5th in class and tenth overall. This year will be a chance to build on that experience and try to improve on a … Continued

Wolfsburg comes to Burgess Hill!

Big Boys Toys, as part of the VW Heritage Group have some very exciting news to share. VW Heritage have just been announced as  the partner for Volkswagen Classic Parts in the UK. We have been part of the VW Heritage family since late 2007, building upon VW Heritage’s 25 years in the aircooled VW … Continued

Wolfsburg comes to Burgess Hill!

VW Heritage is proud to announce that we will be the partner for Volkswagen Classic parts in the UK. Volkswagen’s involvement and support for the Classic VW scene has just been stepped up. This is great news for the air-cooled and water-cooled scene in the UK. David Ward started VW Heritage in the early 80’s … Continued

See you at the show!

The clock is ticking and we can’t work fast enough to get everything ready in time. The team are raring to get up to Sandown Park on Friday, to set up what should be our best show to date. This year we are celebrating our 25th year of trading, so as well as the usual great stock … Continued

March's meet was marvellous!

Last Thursday night was the first evening meet-up since September. We knew the light would fade quickly, and it would be a tad chilly, but it didn’t seem to put off the 30 or so cars we had here for the evening. The Aircooled scene was out in force with ten Beetles coming out to … Continued

UD on film…..

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Jmz5Oq738] Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was spent with the video camera.. (when we weren’t setting the stand up) Here’s what we saw!


From behind the wheel of my 895cc polo, or even in the mighty 1.1 Golf i must admit to pretending I’m a racing driver from time to time, searching the best line through the corner trying to carry speed (and don’t I need to) and passing anyone I can along a winding dual carriageway in a quest for more retro … Continued

A weekends work

Ultimate dubs is always an exciting show, new cars to be unvieled that you know of, and a couple of sneaky ones who have flown below the radar or at least off the forums over the winter. Couple this with inviting two cars we had only seen photos of to be pride of place on … Continued

Serial dubber gets a split!

Meet Owain.. he is self confessed VW addict. If there was one customer who each time he calls us, he’s buying parts for another car it would be him. But this isn’t a business venture for him, he does it for fun! This is his latest acquisition, a 1960 model Westfalia splitty, a recent US … Continued