Fly drive Type 3

Those magnificent men in their flying machines now includes a German Type 3 Notchback owner, if the amazing pictures of his vehicle sporting helicopter like rotors and a spaceframe tail section are anything to go by…

VW Heretics: Happy days in May!

May’s meet was another cracker; the weather gods were on our side, and it certainly encouraged a bumper turnout at our Burgess Hill HQ. Brighton based band, Deaf From Behind were the stars of our Warehouse stage, and added a great dimension to the meet playing their own brand of alternative rock which went down a … Continued

'Dead' cool!

Not for a moment wishing to sound at all morbid, we’re all destined to shuffle off this mortal coil one day, to meet our maker and go knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door – and when we do, what better to do it than in a VW-themed hearse? Here are just some of the ‘dead … Continued

Viper engined Ghia

Purists may weep, but this Dodge Viper V10 650bhp Karmann Ghia certainly is a feat of engineering and takes monster-engined Dubs into a totally new dimension. So what’s it all about, and why shouldn’t you hate it?

Fittipaldi Beetle

When F1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi wanted a car that was tough enough to compete in a grueling 1000km race in his home country of Brazil, what vehicle would he choose? None other than a humble Beetle. The fact that it was fitted with not one but two engines explains why, against competition from much more prestigious … Continued

Kiss the Apex!

Apex festival first exploded onto the show scene 3 years ago. Held at Lydden Hill race track in Kent, it’s a great venue offering circuit wide views from pretty much any vantage point.

Don't forget the Mk2!

With the Golf celebrating its 40th this year there’s been lots of attention on the Mk1. And rightly so. However, as values of the original Golf continue to soar more people are turning to the still affordable Mk2. Recognising its potential as a handy and cheap to run classic that can be used every day, … Continued

E10 : Fuelling speculation

There is a lot of discussion at present about rubber hoses and if they are suitable for use with E10 fuel. But what is E10 fuel? Your petrol car runs on unleaded, right… With the help of our Chief Engineer, we’ve compiled this article to bring you up to speed.

Kabul in a Kombi anyone?

  Jägermeister bomb fests, 24-hour computer game marathons and general debauched shenanigans aside, modern students don’t get up to much these days. At least not compared to an intrepid group of nine Cambridge students in the early Sixties who travelled through the Soviet Union, across to Tashkent and then back to Kabul, down around India … Continued

Stanford Hall 2014

Posh stately homes always provide an excellent venue for family VW shows, and Stanford Hall is one of the nicest, most chilled out and well attended meets of the season. Being located near to a river, thank goodness this year’s event on May 4th was blessed with dry conditions and lovely early spring sunshine which … Continued