VW Expo: all sun at Stonor

While VW Expo has slowly evolved over the years, that lazy Sunday feeling has remained. It’s the essential ingredient that’s always appreciated by those who want to chill out in a rural setting and enjoy a wonderfully eclectic collection of old VWs…

Retrofitting Power Steering

When going from a modern car to a classic, often one of the first things you notice as you pull out of your drive is the heavy steering. But don’t let that ruin your enjoyment because you have the power to make it lighter. Here’s a summary of what’s involved retrofitting power steering.

What is corner weighting?

It’s all well and good splashing out on stiffer springs, coilovers, beefier anti-roll bars and various support braces to firm up you car’s ride and get it sitting how you want. But if you don’t get your weight distribution even it won’t handle as well as it could, and it will be rubbish on the … Continued

Driving abroad: what you need to know

Taking a classic on a European tour is great fun, and possibly one of the best ways to enjoy spending some quality time with your pride and joy. But before you grab your keys and passport, there are some important things you should know before hitting the road…

Charity donation to ShelterBox

As a company we do our best to support good causes, both locally and globally too. So when it came to the end of the financial year and we had some money ‘left in the pot’ we chose to make a charity donation to ShelterBox.