Roadtrip report: Worthersee winner's story

We launched a competition to fire up the imagination late last year, and in January announced a shortlist of five Roadtrips that really got our pulses racing. We publicised this quintet of travellers, and their proposed trips and asked for your votes; culminating in one lucky winner… Here’s what happened when he took his Dream … Continued

Polo – 40 years young!

The ubiquitous Polo celebrates its 40th this year and while, like most of us, it’s gained a bit of a middle aged spread, it still retains an enthusiastic and loyal following. The big 4-0 was celebrated in style at Essen earlier in the year, so we thought we’d take the opportunity of having a virtual … Continued

Lack of DIY causing more MoT fails

Are we getting lazy when it comes to simple driveway DIY, or being put off tinkering with our cars by their increasingly complex nature? Well, both possibly, according to a recent survey – and this means our cars are failing their MoT on things that could easily be fixed at home beforehand…

Rare Brazilian Puma for sale

Inspired by the Lamborghini Miura, the Puma was built in Brazil and initially used the 1493cc engine and floorpan from the Brazilian Karmann Ghia. European examples are like hen’s teeth, and this one, spotted for sale in Germany, has the added beef of a Porsche engine out back…

VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet Buying Guide

The sun’s shining and the sap’s rising so it must be time to go topless. And what better car to do it in than an early convertible Golf? For the ultimate wind through your hair fix, here’s our VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet buying guide, Hopefully it’ll help you pick up a classic open top gem.

What’s in a colour? Name your favourite VW hue

Worryingly, a VW-loving friend considered straying from the brand while looking for a new car recently. I eventually managed to pull him round, of course, but I was interested to find out what had caused his little ‘wobble’. Apparently he was bored by the dull as ditch water colour-schemes. True enough, while other European manufacturers … Continued