Tidy square drops in to see us.

Bought to keep the aircooled addiction fed while his split is off the road being worked on, this is a great looking, useable RHD ’67 Type 3.Slowly replacing seals and making the car more complete while enjoying it when the sun shines, it sums up for me what this game is all about!Powered by a … Continued

Pink Split takes a Prize

It may not be your favourite colour, but this van pulled it off i thought.Dropping by to see us at the beginning of the week to pick up a few bits, including the missing hub cap; I had a chat with them to find out more.Being restored recently, and the interior finished by her Son, … Continued

Hi Ho Silver: Early Bay gets modern twist.

Not every vehicle needs a bucket load of chrome to look good.This type 2 has recieved the anti chrome treatment, all the shiney stuff has been painted satin black, to contrast with the modern, Ford Silver paintwork.The whels are a temporary soloution so i’m told, and a set of alloys to finish it off will … Continued

Progress in the Purple Corner

Ben’s taken some more pictures for us of his Beetle Resto. With help from his welding friend “Country” Mike, things are starting to look a bit more solid, although there is still lots to do!Work has started on welding up the trim holes on the body too.. any excess parts binned off in a quest … Continued

Lights, Action, Camera: GTI Springfest Report

If you are fond of Volkswagens with Go to match their Show then springfest at Santa Pod would of been right up your street. The first of the 1/4 mile based shows on the watercooled calender saw daily drivers getting a chance to run, aswell as all out race cars plying their trade.Anna went along … Continued

Daves Beetle Project gets a new engine!

Remember Dave?! Well he had a beetle that unfortunatly needed more work than it was worth, so it went off to the tip! Then as luck would have it he stumbled accross a ’65 that needed a small amount of attention so picked it up as a suitable replacement for it.While we have been out … Continued

Heretics evening meets get off to a great start!

A big thankyou to those of you who made it down to the first evening meet of the year. Another great cross section of vehicles in attendance and an almost 50/50 split of Air and Watercooled cars.Food and drink was available all night courtesy of the resident burger van, and the weather behaved itself too!The … Continued

If you went down to the woods again…

Out in the sunshine, albeit a little chilly, our hard work on the Adventure Unlimited Kitchen project is really taking Shape.Joined this week by friend of the company Marc, the team got the rest of the floor down and the roof framework in place.Here are some “action shots” and one of the guys having a … Continued

Wheels Day, Show Report

A few of the staff took an outing to Wheels Day in Aldershot on the Good Friday Bank Holiday. Although not a VW Show as such, there were a few in attendance, sat alongside Custom Cars, Retro Fords, Nu-Skool metal and some Big ol’ Americana which filled up the slightly overcast show field just nicely!Here … Continued

Sunny Side up!

The latest van to join the VW Kampers fleet dropped in to pick up a few parts the other day.Toyota’s brightest yellow is the colour of choice, and rolling on a set of polished Radar rims i’m sure they’ll have queues round the block with people wanting a weekend away in it!I had a quick … Continued