Top ten Ebay buying tips

Ok, so you’ve heard about some of the fabulous deals on the nation’s favourite internet auction site and you’d like a slice of the action. But before you press the ‘bid’ button on that classic VW, take a deep breath and follow our top ten ebay buying tips first…

Keep it in the family!

VW Heritage customer Richard Andrews bought his 1300 Beetle in 1971 at the tender age of 22. Now in his 60s, the car’s remained in the family and is still on its original engine and gearbox. It’s gone from white to purple, had new wings, bumpers, bonnet and door skins – and guess what? Richard … Continued

Dub Freeze 2014

Hallelujah! The rain finally stopped, the sun made and appearance and it was blue skies all round at this year’s sensational season opener at Bingley Hall, Stafford last weekend. Celebrating its 25th year at the indoor/outdoor venue, we rocked up to enjoy the dry, sunny conditions and some of the best VWs the scene has … Continued

VW Heritage T25/T3 Buying Guide

As Splitty values go stratospheric and Bays continue their upward spiral, inevitably there’s been a knock on effect on its successor the T25. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy one of these iconic ‘breeze blocks’ for not too much money – and the brilliant thing is they are generally more practical you can … Continued

Catching the VW love bug!

Love is certainly in the air today, and we trust you’ve all been suitably inundated with cards, chocolates and flowers as is the custom. You deserve it! As well as the pressies and candle-lit dinners, Valentine’s Day is also a time to reflect on the origins of the flicker that’s wafted into the furious fire … Continued

Have you seen this Dub?

Nothing, we expect, can be quite as heart wrenching as having the vehicle you’ve shed blood, sweat and numerous tears over nicked by some low life criminal. Yet as classic VW values continue to soar, it’s something that’s happening more and more often – and the emotional turmoil, not to mention financial loss, for the … Continued

Beetle Juice!

Imagine this. You’re at an outdoor gig, gagging for a drink, thinking about nice summery things like VW camper vans, when you look round and see one converted into a cool cocktail bar. No, you’re not hallucinating – it’s a real Bus and yes it’s really selling cocktails. We got to talk to Jonathan Gomma … Continued

Cool Ghia

Check out this gorgeous looking Karmann Ghia belonging to VW Heritage customer Martyn Crew. As you might have guessed it didn’t always look this good – but a meticulous restoration by Andy Finch at Spike’s Vintage Restorations eventually transformed it into the gleaming head turner you see here…

Try the Beetle Fun Cup!

Ever fancied the idea of taking part in a track series but were worried about the crippling costs? If so, check out the affordable and fast growing phenomenon that is the Beetle Fun Cup where wannabe track demons not only get to drive something that looks uncannily like a classic Bug, but have the reassurance … Continued