VW powered dragster

Drag racing was born in the US during the 1950s and typically involved a mahoosive engine, a pair of pram wheels up front and spectacular crowd cheering on burnouts. Out of that tradition came this retro looking VW powered flat-four ‘slingshot’ dragster. A masterpiece of fabrication, a thing of beauty in its own right and … Continued

Hayburner magazine – what's it all about?

Unless you’ve had your head buried under a stone for the last few years, you’ll know all about Hayburner. In a nutshell, it’s not only one of the coolest VW magazines out there, but it’s also free which obviously adds to its attraction. As you can see we’ve got a special admiration for the rag … Continued

Guía de compra de Golf Mk2

Lo que tienes que saber del Golf Mk2 antes de comprar Todavía es posible conseguir un Mk2 decente por algo más de 1.300€, pero tienes que ser selectivo. Aquí tienes nuestra guía experta sobre como encontrar un diamante en bruto. No cabe duda de que el Mk2 es un clásico moderno para la vida diaria o … Continued

¡Vuelve el VW Escabajo de rally clásico!

Veinticinco años después de competir en el Monte Carlo Historique, Bob Beales le ha sacado el polvo a su VW Escarabajo de 1958 para volver a la acción, esta vez en el Wales Rally GB. Y estamos orgullosos de desvelar que le hemos estado ayudando en este proyecto…

VW Porsche 914 pick up

The ubiquitous white van is the vehicle of choice for tradesmen, small businesses and delivery drivers the world over – so imagine if you spotted this custom built VW Porsche 914 pick up instead outside your office window…

Vintage VW engines on eBay

We pride ourselves in being totally sensitive to preserving prosperity where possible and instead of stripping these engines for core, we’re selling them off as they are. So if you are missing a period correct part for your restoration, check out our eBay listings for various vintage VW engines …

Choose a VW time machine

It’s 21 October 2015, Bug to the Future day, where we’re celebrating the day Marty McFly was transported into the future in the famed flick Back to the Future II. He was transported in a DeLorean, a legend in itself, but being VW nuts we’re not totally convinced it was the right vehicle. And for … Continued

Bug to the Future – future-proof your VW Beetle

In the 1989 movie epic Back to the Future II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown take a trip to the future in their DeLorean – arriving, yes you’ve guessed it, on October 21, 2015. Well, in case you didn’t know – that’s tomorrow, so in advance of that celebration we thought we’d take a similar … Continued

Guía de compra de Golf Mk1

No necesitamos explicar por qué el Golf Mk1 es uno de los coches más alucinantes que puedes comprar, es suficiente con decir que el Golf original lo tiene todo para ser el juguete retro refrigerado por agua por excelencia. Aquí os dejamos nuestra guía…