Summer is on its way…!

Well, thats the shortest day of the year done and dusted.Its downhill now to the spring, lighter evenings will soon be back upon us.While we wait, and on a non christmassy topic.. heres the rest of the cars from the Saturday Social. See you tomorrow! Andy

Simian snow sighting

Wow! what a morning, most of us have made it in today, either under their own steam, or aboard the 4WD’s amongst the staff, after being “rescued”. Out the window of the office, a strange sight; on what is normally the grass, an animal lying in the snow.I got the camera out to capture the … Continued

More from the social.

Hope your all keeping warm!I can tell you the novelty of scraping ice has already passed! Here are some more pics from last saturdays Heretics meet. There are some more, i’ll get those up tomorrow. See you then! Andy

Monster on the move.

The weekend saw the monster emerge from its long term garden hiding place.With the help from a friend or two Mr Jones has moved the bug, and it now resides in the garage at home awaiting the body off resto.Eager to get on with the job Dave has treated himself to a new socket set,and … Continued

Theres a (tin) worm at the bottom of the garden

The monster is yet to be moved, although it has now been emptied of “stuff”The early indications of no welding are sadly proved wrong, as signs of a previous A pillar repair are unearthed.The heater channels have all but rusted away on the passenger side front, but the beetle owners in the company are offering … Continued

Its Christmas at VW Heritage

The decorations are up in the office, the cards are coming in thick and fast, and most importantly the tree is up in the shop. And there was only one choice for the top of the tree…… See you tomorrow with more news of the monster…. Over and out Andy

Brazilian Beetle, not the car

Turning up last week, a container load of parts from Brazil.On board, unknown to us, a stowaway.Sadly he didn’t survive the trip, i say sadly, i think he would be far scarier if still alive!Pictured here with his “travel money” for reference. Look away now if you don’t like creepy crawlies!! See you tomorrow Andy

Countdown to Chrimbo…

For those who are not doing their shopping on Christmas Eve, we have made it nice and easy for the generic gift buyer.Have a look on our website here for details! /vwh/Gifts For those who are trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.. here’s a few cars for you! T2D proving they do drive that low! … Continued