Kit your car out for less!

We’ve slashed prices by a quarter on a massive range of parts in our 25 for 25 Sale. It is running now until christmas but be quick, as with every sale the parts you need won’t hang around for long, and when they are gone, they are gone – with these prices at least! Why now? “25 years doesn’t happen … Continued

VW Heritage 25% off Sale

We’ve slashed prices by a quarter on a massive range of parts in our 25 for 25 Sale. It is running now until Christmas but be quick, as with every sale the parts you need won’t hang around for long, and when they are gone, they are gone – with these prices at least! Why … Continued

Been there, done that, got the bag….

For those who have grown up with the iconic Mk1 GTi this material needs no introduction. Why not pay homage to VW’s first born GTi every day with these cool courier type bags from VW Classic Parts. There are pockets a plenty, a couple of zips and room for your laptop and phone. Inside you’ll even find an … Continued

If I had a time machine…

We’ve all done it; bought something and thought “i could of bought ten of those for that” 15 years ago. So with the benefit of hindsight, should you now spend every spare penny on the “next big thing” hoping that in 15 years time it will be worth a fortune? “If i had a barn” is … Continued

Restoration before modification.

With the popularity of early water pumpers picking up daily, and the stares for sterling return pretty good if you slam it on its belly and fork out on some rims; we ask should you restore before you modify and make sure these cars last another 20 years? Or spend your hard earned getting the chins wagging and … Continued

Lowlight highlight: Customer's Coupe

First catching sight of this at Brands Hatch last month where it picked up a couple of awards including Bugwelder’s choice, we were over the moon to see it again, minus the crowds, when it turned up at the shop on Saturday. Still being run it, but holding a 2387cc lump hostage, this will be a serious … Continued

Mk2 Golf show car for £70!

Okay we might have bent the truth just a little bit here, but there’s nothing stopping you buying a non-runner Mk2 Golf for cheap as chips and transforming it into a VR6-powered show stunner like 26-year old Darren has gone and done. It may have taken him two years beavering away in his garage, but … Continued

Good luck comes in threes – honest!

There’s VW fanatics and there’s… well 31-year old James who’s part of Hazzard VW: he’s currently running not one, not two, but three VWs. There’s ‘Ivy’ a 1966 1300 (converted to 1600) Beetle that he’s spent five years restoring, modding and adding his own stamp too. Check out that seriously cool headlining!! He also owns … Continued

Wing and a prayer

          Genuine MK1 Golf Front Wings The ones you’ve been waiting for!! Sourced from Wolfsburg and pressed from the original tools rescued from Karmann, they don’t come any better than this. Both Left and Right on the shelf now, ready for immediate dispatch. We’re really pleased to be able to offer these … Continued


Well, they say something like that anyway… Last Wednesday saw pretty much the whole VW Heritage team decamp up to the world famous Brands Hatch motor racing circuit to visit the monthly Prept meet where it just happened that we had a little Birthday celebration going on to celebrate 25 successful years in Business. Attendance … Continued