5 classic VW resto stripdown tips

You find the perfect classic VW project, trailer it home, step back and take a big, deep breath. The lamp’s been filled with midnight oil, the toolbox is open and you’re ready to get busy on the strip down. But wait. There’s got to be some method to the madness that follows so here are … Continued

What’s your classic VW (really) worth?

All older cars, VWs included, have enjoyed a boom period recently with prices escalating out of all recognition. Triumphs, classic Fords, iconic BMWs – they’ve all massively gone up in price in the last few years. And we daren’t even touch on the thorny issue of Porsche 911 values. But the question is, is a … Continued

VW Clube Golf Portugal annual show

Keen to support VW owner’s clubs all over the world, it was our pleasure to sponsor the 11th Anniversary of Clube Golf Portugal at the end of 2015. 250 people of all ages gathered around 140 Volkswagen Golfs of all generations. Every year, the event brings together enthusiasts of the legendary Volkswagen car, celebrates the … Continued

NSU Ro80 – so near, so far…

It’s strange to think Felix Wankel, inventor of the Wankel engine, never got to drive the massively advanced and beautifully styled NSU Ro80. Poor eyesight meant he never actually held a licence. Yet his pioneering engine design for the iconic sixties creation led to it becoming a motoring icon. Not for its sales success, obviously, … Continued