Mad as a March Hare

In our never-ending quest to uncover the most oddball VWs ever made we’ve discovered yet another totally bonkers VW-based kit car. Indeed, this one’s almost as mad as its name…

Yes, you’ve got it – it’s called the March Hare. The kits were made by a company called Pegasus Design in Arlington County, Virginia USA and were sold under the rather inauspicious and actually slightly hilarious marketing slogan ‘Champagne styling at beer money.’

March hare main

Made from fire retardant resin, it was based on a Beetle chassis and was claimed to be the strongest kit car on the market at the time in the sixties. While it undoubtedly looks a bit odd, its wedge-like profile was actually years ahead of its time – but that particular quality was obviously lost on potential buyers at the time because few were sold and it’s become a real rarity today. In fact, some reports suggest just a handful survive – one of which is still in kit form while another exists as just a shell.

March hare rearMarch hare interior 260engine 260

That’s why we were excited to discover this one for sale in the US at an outfit called Gateway Classics near Saint Louis. It’s bright orange and is sat on a 1965 chassis with a 1641cc engine out back. The kit was completed in the late 1970s which explains the ‘70s supercar themed interior, complete with vinyl bucket seats which are suitably inclined to allow the driver to clear the steeply raked windscreen.

front low 230rear low 230

In case you were wondering, the tail lights are from a 1970s Mustang and the fuel filler cap is from a Chrysler muscle car. A particularly nice touch, of course, are the delicate looking gullwing doors which are nod to its supercar aspirations.

And the price you’ll have to pay for this head-turning VW-themed obscurity? A cool $12,595 – or just under £9,000.


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