New Year Resolutions for 2014

We all do this at some point in our lives, if not religiously every year. Often we keep them to ourselves, other times we tell friends and family so they can support us in the quest to make the next year a better one…

When researching resolutions, they seem to come in 3 different shapes. 1. Start something new, so you might join the gym or try to learn an instrument. 2. Make something better for example try and lose weight this year, or perhaps get married or move house. 3. Give something up; your addictions and vices are up for renewal, which ones can you cope without – will the cigarettes go in the bin, or perhaps the booze will get given the boot?

So, what can VW Heritage, as a company, not as a group of individuals do, that will tick these boxes to make a positive impact, and be part of such a tradition?

Let’s look at resolution 1. Start something new: New parts, new vehicles, new people, new places… it sounds exciting for sure, which it will be; but what can we set for ourselves to achieve in 2014? We have decided to try and add newer models to the VW Heritage range. We’re not going to be forgetting about what we do already, just embrace the fact that new cars get old, and at some point become classic, which is what we are all about!

Next up, resolution 2. Make something better: It would take a brave business to blog that they are unable to improve on any aspect of their company for the next year, and for that reason, we are spoilt for choice on how to improve. But how can we improve to make a difference to those who choose VW Heritage for their parts? Lets give those people, you in fact, a better technical resource to rely upon. Our enthusiast based team is brimming with information, but 2014 will be the year to make this as accessible as possible to the rest of our team (so we all learn more) and also to our customers.

Lastly, what can we do for number 3? Give something up: This is probably the hardest of all resolutions, and it is no different for us at VW Heritage. The problem is, we kinda enjoy what we do, and in actual fact we don’t want to give any of it up – we want to do more of it! More shows, more project cars, more friends and more fun! So, if giving up giving up is possible – we’ll be doing a whole lot of that in 2014!!!


What will your resolutions for the new year be? Finish your VW project? There’s a few of the team who’ll be saying that again – how many will actually do it though?!

Happy New Year!



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