10 Winter Workshop Safety Tips

As the mercury begins to plummet, even the most brave of us retreat to the comfort of a garage or workshop. But while working on your car inside, it’s essential to get organised and be prepared for every eventuality to help keep yourself in one piece; here are some practical tips on workshop safety to … Continued

On the road exhibition: VW art

Having received an email only a week or so earlier with details of Joseph Gibson, and his ‘On the Road’ exhibition, I was stood at the entrance to the gallery in London waiting to meet him, and find out why he’d chosen Volkswagen glass as the basis for his latest series. If you enjoy VW … Continued

Karmann Ghia race car: Portugal 2017Karmann Ghia Racecar

Arriving at the autódromo internacional algarve (AIA) on 26th October for the last race of the season, VW Heritage supported driver Joao, was competing in the CNCC Historic Portuguese Championship, in his legendary Karmann Ghia race car.

Camping tips: a day out with an expertCamping Header

Getting away from it all, that’s what we all crave once in a while – which is why VW camper vans have such a huge following. As the ultimate lifestyle statement, nothing comes close to jumping in a Volkswagen Bus with a bunch of friends or family and heading out into the countryside… Get inspired … Continued

VW colour trends for todayVW Colour Trends

Car colour is a very personal thing, and to an extent it reflects your personality. Yellows, bright reds and vibrant greens suit the more flamboyant among us – greys, blacks and silvers are for the more reserved. As a manufacturer, it’s a case of catering for all tastes and as fashions change, by necessity, the … Continued

No MoTs for 40-year-old classics

Following consultation, the Department for Transport (DfT) has proposed that from 20 May 2018, all 40-year-old classics will be exempt from an annual MoT test. But what will the rule changes likely to mean for classic VW owners?

Winter weather car care

There’s something to be said for the old Boy Scout motto of always being prepared, so here are some useful tips and products to help you with winter weather car care.

6v to 12v VW conversion

With winter on its way, you might want to consider upping the ante by replacing your older 6v electrics with a 12v VW conversion. If you need a boost – here’s what’s involved…