Bug Movie is go!

You might remember us mentioning a new film about the Beetle. The feature length documentary by Damon Ristau needed funding and appeared on fundraising website Kickstarter back in June. With a mission to find $40,000 it looked like a tall order, but we’re pleased to announce the target has been reached and ‘The Bug Movie’ has got the … Continued

500,000 miles and counting!

We’re all eager to eek out a as many miles as possible from our cars but VW Heritage customers, Stephen Metcalf, has taken things to the extreme with his mint-looking Mk2 Scirocco. With a cool half a million miles clocked up and counting, this is certainly one seriously leggy VW – and one that bears testament … Continued

Heretics Summer Send Off

Our VW Heretics meeting in September was the first one to be held at our new home in Shoreham-by-Sea, it was also, the last of the year. It will be April 2015 before we start them back up again. Let’s not shed a tear though, join us in celebration!