Yanks a lot!

Check out this mega US inspired Beetle pick up. It’s the creation of a company called Imola-Car KFT, based in Hungary, and the whole lot took 10 months of old-fashioned hand-crafted, custom panel forming goodness to build.

Obviously inspired by a 1950s Ford F100 pickup, the folk at Imola-Car KFT, who usually spend their time fettling and generally fooling around with split window buses and other vintage VW stuff, invested 400 hours of sheet metal and welding work to create the necessary bonnet, wings and other custom panels for the Beetle-based pickup.

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Said Imola when we contacted them: “We were bored, basically, and wanted to do something different – it was a project for mental relaxation.” Fair enough we reckon,  and if this is the end result of something they did in their spare time on a whim, just imagine what they would be capable of if they really put their minds to it…

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The creation is based on a 1969 Beetle with the engine cleverly hidden at the rear in a custom made and suitably aged looking wooden box to give the necessary height for the fan housing and other gubbins. A bespoke exhaust with twin ovalised tailpipes looks suitably period and disguises the fact that there’s not actually a flathead V8 tucked under the bonnet.

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Other natty features include suicide rear hinged doors and what looks like a custom leather trimmed interior. The dash also appears to be totally bespoke and features a speedo mounted centrally in the facia with instantly recognisible white VW switchgear.

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The crew from Tokod in Hungary are also working on a transporter, called the ‘bunker renntransporter, which is “long enough to carry a Porsche 356,” apparently. It’s in its early stages, obviously, but judging by the quality of workmanship on the Bug pickup project, we’re expecting equally great things…

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  1. Thanks for the great pics and info on the 2 project “bugs” lol!! Loved them! We Yanks can appreciate a great V.W. story. The ’50’s truck turned out terrifically grand, the wooden crate was a terrific idea for hiding the engine, Also gave easy access to the engine. Loved the “suicide doors”! I’m sure the transporter will be equally superb! Keep up the good work on letting us know what’s happening across the “big pond”.


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