Beetling around Mexico

If you’re looking for the perfect winter getaway – check out these guided road trips around Mexico. You get to go in a Beetle of your choice, or if you really fancy living it up a little there’s even the option of being chauffeured!

You can go courtesy of a setup called The Travelling Beetle who run a fleet of open topped Beetles along with a dazzling orange Trekker for those keen on getting even more off the beaten track, we presume. Judging by the photos, they’re not Karmann convertibles but it’s still open top air-cooled motoring and the scenery looks spectacular…

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You can choose between guided tours, self drive holidays, city tours and short getaways, so there’s something for everyone – and because the Beetle plays a key part in the whole adventure, we reckon it’s likely to be a suitably relaxing experience…

If it all sounds like a load of fun, it probably is – and some of the comments by former customers seem to reinforce this notion… Said one: “Cool cars, great staff, fun traveling and breathtaking scenary.” While another concluded: “I had a fantastic trip. I’m back home in London and it’s cold and rainy. I want my Beetle back!”

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Guided tours depart from Santiago de Queretaro, two-and-a-half hours north of Mexico City, and visits San Miguel del Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Morelia, the pine forests of Michoacan and Mexico’s largest butterfly sanctuary. Groups comprise four guests in two cars plus a support vehicle, a tour leader/guide and a mechanic. Guests are given a radio and mobile phone to communicate with one another and the support vehicle.

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“Although our cars may look vintage, don’t be fooled – they are every bit as good as new,” says the company website, adding “We guarantee that the car you will receive will have been properly maintained and thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic before your departure.”

Prices start at around $2000 (£1250) per person for a seven day, six night tour. It’s got to  beat a wet weekend in Worthing, we’d say!


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