California cruising! DKK VW Cruise into the New Year

Having just celebrated the new year, it’s difficult to believe that January is almost over now. It seems very true that as you get older, time flies faster – which is a good thing as far as we’re concerned as the VW show season starts even sooner!

Here in Southern California the VW show season usually gets going by the end of February. It all kicks off with the OCTO meet – but with local VW clubs already organising a few cruises there’s lots of VW folks (myself included) that can’t wait to have some fun with Volkswagens in 2016. Either way, it gives me a very good reason to drive my Bug.

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One of the small cruise meetings that I participated in was the Cruise into the New Year held by Der Kleiner Kampfwagens (DKK). DKK has always been of the one of the best known Southern Californian Cal Look Volkswagen clubs since late 1970s. Alongside DKP (Der Kleiner Panzers), DKK is also hosting cruise meetings prior to the major VW events, like Bug-In.


DKK’s meets are traditionally held at Fullerton, California. The location is such a cool place, and there’s a reserved parking lot at the Heroes Bar and Grill at SOCO district in downtown Fullerton. SOCO stands for ‘South of Commonwealth’, because it’s located down Commonwealth Avenue. I am assuming they got the idea from New York’s famous SoHo district, which came from South of Houston Street. Walking around this area is fun. Nice shops, great dining, bars and cafes – along with plenty of with outdoor seating. This time we had roughly 80 Volkswagens show up to cerebrate the arrival of the new year.

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It’s always good to be hanging around with VW friends here in Cal Look Mecca!


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