Special Brew, REMTEC 2007cc engine.

Every now and again we will get a request for something thats a bit special, and being into the VW game as much as you, we get a bit excited!
So when we got the order through for a custom built 2007cc engine, with the new CSP Python exhaust, the aircooled amongst us were over the moon!

I won’t bore you with a complete technical specification, partly as i dont know it all, but the important bits are as follows.
44 Weber IDF’s mated to CB Performance mainfolds and Linkage, Oil breather also by CB and Electronic Ignition and coil by Petronix.
It is running a deep sump, and soon to be bolted to a Rancho Pro Street Box.
The exhaust however is the star of the show, and although expensive, is a work of art!

Well hope that pushed a button or two for those who are aircooled, and to those of whom it didnt, how does 140bhp in a ’58 split sound?

See you Monday!


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