Dont let the weather get you, down under

Earlier this week we had an email out the blue, from a couple who had recently emigrated to Australia.
They were customers of ours when living in the UK, and all round VW enthusiasts too.
So much so, that when it came to the move, they chose to take their early bay (owned for 13 years) with them!

Here are Emma and Simon Martin, about to embark on their move, amusingly the sun was shining in England that day!

Scary stuff leaving your pride and joy in the hands of a shipping company, but far better than having to leave it behind!
The van had to be checked for stowaways in the UK, before being loaded into its temporary home.

While you contemplate “upping sticks” and heading for the sun, with your vw, i’ll answer a few phones, and then let you know the rest of the story tomorrow!

See you then


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