And in the Purple corner…Car #2 in the Bens Beetle Build off.

Introducing Ben Pascoe’s Beetle, the other Ben in the Trade team, and a walking part number encylopedia. In Bens own words, which to be fair are pretty good (he does a spot of moonlighting writing for Ultra VW) i’ll leave him to explain the car….

“This is my bug, I’ve owned it since 1994 when I got my first job and thought it would be a nice cheap runabout until I grew up; and got into hot rods like my Dad. Boy was I wrong, I’ve been stuck in the air cooled world ever since, to the point of obsession.
My uncle took me to Bug Jam when I was 12 and have been hooked forever more.
Anyway, back to the car. It’s a ’69 that has slowly developed into a ’67 over the years and is about to look even more like one. I blame Ivan McCutcheon for my ’67 perversion and can’t get enough of all the one year only parts. I have collated a hell of a lot of one year only parts over the years and i’m still finding parts that 15 years ago, I had no idea existed. It probably would have been easier to start with a ’67 but this is my first car and I can’t bare to part with it.

Them damn Outlaws have got to me! I’m planning a 2276cc normally aspirated Ida motor with an Engle FK89 Cam, Comp Eliminator heads, a CogBox close ratio gearbox, Erco raceweight wheels for the strip and a set of SSP BRM’s for the road. All the trim is being removed and the car will be painted Zenith Blue; A ’67 only VW colour!

That’s a long way off yet, heater channels and pan halves need doing first, then off to Chris Isaacs Racing for a 6 point chromoly roll cage”

Progress with the resto will follow in the coming weeks.

Have a good day!


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