The Monster gets slayed, well kind of…..

The progress on the monster had slowed down a little, as Dave dug deeper the problems seemed to get worse.
A good friend of his, and owner of this Volksworld cover split had a look over it for him, to see if it was worth salvaging.

Aaron had done all the bodywork on his van himself, so if anyone was to give an expert opinion, he would be the man.
Sadly he figured it madness to invest the amount of time needed to fix the shell up, so the body was to be seperated from the pan and binned off.

The weekend saw Dave spring into life with the tool, stripping anything worth saving from the shell, the plan at present is to find a solid shell, to sit onto the soon to be refurbed chassis.

Panel gaps were the least of this bugs worries.

Which leaves him with the better-ish bit!

Although none of us would see this as an ideal soloution, for the amount of time and money required to fix this shell, sadly it was best to kiss it goodbye!

See you tomorrow


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