VW Heretics: Happy days in May!

May’s meet was another cracker; the weather gods were on our side, and it certainly encouraged a bumper turnout at our Burgess Hill HQ. Brighton based band, Deaf From Behind were the stars of our Warehouse stage, and added a great dimension to the meet playing their own brand of alternative rock which went down a storm. For the hungry amongst us, Frank the Bratwurst Type 2 was on hand to make us full again!

The cars are always such a talking point, and the variety at our Heretics meets is simply awesome! Where they all come from, we can only guess.. but here’s a few specials for us to draw your eyes to.

Ex staffer Tommy V brought down his Volksworld cover car, freshly turbo’d, fuel injected street sleeper Beetle. This Marathon Beetle used to belong to VW Heritage founder David.. not quite in this ‘guise though!

Heretics May 1Heretics May 2

Other vehicles to draw us in for a second glance, well this rugged T5 was certainly above expectation.. what a great creation and in wonderful company parked alongside some elder “family” members!

p1000989 small

It’s unfair to highlight just a few of the vehicles really, each and every one has a story attached, it’s been the source of the owner’s pain, and in turn joy; been sworn at and photographed in equal measure no doubt. We are always pleased to see the fruits of your labour at any of our meets.

heretics may 3heretics may 4p1010016smallP1000978smallP1010025smallP1010015small

June’s meet is set for Thursday 19th. We’ll have resident DJ Andy H spinning his digital wheels of steel, and for those who like a spot of football, hopefully some means as to keep tabs on the England World Cup game!

If you are on Facebook join up to the events page here. Hope to see you there!


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